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Discovery Education Enhances Curricular Resources and Integration Tools

Posted Aug 3, 2009
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Discovery Education has announced enhancements and upgrades to a wide range of its digital services. Among the new upgrades are a universal search function that allows users to find content across Discovery Education's streaming, Science, Health, and MediaShare services. Other enhancements include the addition of Flash video to Discovery Education's media player, a more robust student experience, and the introduction of a variety of new asset types to Discovery's library of digital media, including an increase in math resources.

The increased search capabilities allow users of Discovery Education services to search through digital assets using one search engine, putting the combined resources of Discovery Education streaming, Science, Health, MediaShare, and the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) at any educator's fingertips. In addition, the new search function offers state-of-the art filtering and recommendation functionality, providing users related content and digital assets.

Discovery Education also has upgraded the media player in all its digital services to support Flash video. The addition of Flash video eases the management of classroom technologies by supporting one type of video file for both Mac and Microsoft platforms.

In addition, Discovery Education has added a number of new content types to Discovery Education streaming Plus that will further engage language arts and mathematics students, according to the announcement. Discovery Education's Skill Builders now offer  hands-on experiences. To reinforce essential language arts and mathematics concepts, more than 100 games, including Supernova Sentence Puzzles and Leon's Math Dojo, have been added. Also, more than 150 Spanish-language reading passages that help ELL students comprehend core concepts in life, earth and space, and physical science have been added to Discovery Education Science.


Finally, Discovery Education has added a number of teacher tools that help educators assign digital quizzes, writing prompts, and assignments to either individual students or groups of students. Using their own logins, students can access digital class work as assigned by their teacher as well as search through multimedia resources for their own projects, from anywhere, at any time.


Source: Discovery Education,

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