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Discovery Education Announces New Elementary Science Resource

Posted Jan 15, 2008
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Discovery Education has announced Science for Elementary , a new digital service from the creators of Discovery Education streaming . The new service is designed to empower educators to engage student minds with science while reinforcing important literacy and mathematics skills, according to the announcement.

Discovery Education Science for Elementary is an extension of the Discovery Education Science for Middle School, which was launched in 2007. Together, these two products offer a digital solution for educators seeking to improve student achievement in the sciences.

The program is organized into four areas—Learn, Explore, Demonstrate, and Extend. In the Learn area, teachers introduce scientific concepts through reading passages and ebooks, inquiry-based introductions with audio support, and video segments. Addressing multiple learning styles, these resources support literacy instruction across curriculum.

In the Explore area, educators and students can work together like real scientists through a number of virtual labs and inquiry-based explorations of topics within a unit. By making hypotheses and experimenting with changing variables, students learn to interpret data, draw conclusions supported by data, and practice important mathematical skills.

The Demonstrate area lets students show their understanding of key concepts through two types of assessments. Students can show knowledge through online selected response assessments, which enable educators to quickly identify student progress, or teachers can print a Brief Constructed Response for students to complete.

The Extend area encourages additional learning and exploration by enabling students to access middle-school-level resources on particular topics. The Extend area also lets students see connections between concepts by exploring concepts that relate to each other.

For more information on Discovery Education Science for Elementary, visit

Source: Discovery Education,

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