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Discovery Education Announces Expanded Content Partnerships

Posted Nov 15, 2013
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Discovery Education has announced it has expanded content partnerships with some of the world’s most respected producers, including MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, BBC Worldwide, and Rand McNally. These new partnerships further enhance Discovery Education Streaming, Discovery Education Streaming Plus, and Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook with custom-built news programs, documentary films, and other dynamic digital resources that use current, real-time, global events to bring instruction to life.

Though a partnership with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Discovery Education introduces Global Wrap, a summary of the week’s news from across the globe. Developed specifically for a middle school audience, Global Wrap presents a series of short reports that make even the most complex news stories easy to understand. With a new report every week, Discovery Education keeps students abreast of current events and connects the past to the present. Global Wrap, and its archive, is available exclusively through the Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook.

With an emphasis on differences and commonalities across geographic regions and cultures, the Discovery Channel/BBC mini-series Human Planet is also now available on both Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Social Studies Techbook platforms. Spanning 40 countries and some of the most remote locations on Earth, this awe-inspiring series focuses on the human species and the ways humans have adapted to life in every environment on Earth.

Additionally, Discovery Education has partnered with Rand McNally to create a global map and flag series that features an extensive collection of 196 country maps, 39 global and regional maps and 193 world flags. These digital atlases replace pull-down maps and student atlases and can be used in presentations, reports, lesson plans and activities.

Discovery Education’s new content offerings also provide students an engaging glimpse into the circumstances facing children in countries around the world. A student-produced documentary series, BYkids presents stories from today’s teens’ perspectives, while inspiring and empowering the viewer to share their own story.

Source: Discovery Education,

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