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Digication Unveils Safe Social Network and E-Portfolio for Students and Educators

Posted Sep 13, 2006
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Digication has announced the availability of Digication Spotlight, an online digital portfolio and safe social network for school communities and alumni across the nation. Available for free, Digication Spotlight targets the education community, and presents an opportunity to showcase their work, expertise, and personality to teachers, other students, colleges, and others. It is designed as an academic network for K-12 and higher education where teachers, students, and alumni can create "Spots" to post their original writing, art work, photos, movies, music, important papers, upcoming events, and interesting ideas.

Users can access the intuitive Web-based publisher by visiting and immediately have access to all the tools necessary for creating and managing their personal or group-based Web site or Web portfolio.

Digication Spotlight "Spots" can contain information to be spotted by friends and colleagues such as:

* Community Acknowledgement - Spotlight showcases student creativity and success in a manner for the entire academic community to share.
* Accreditation - Spotlight provides a platform for archiving and publishing student work for accreditation purposes aligned to defined standards.
* Student and Teacher Organizations/Clubs - Spotlight empowers users to build an organization's Web site to display information about notices and upcoming events.
* Academic/Professional Advancement - Spotlight allows you to showcase the results of a research project or grant for colleagues to review.

"The design of Digication Spotlight allowed me to develop a professional looking, easy-to-navigate Spot to organize and showcase student work (," said Tiffany Doran, an art teacher at Smithfield High School in Rhode Island. "The main areas I have focused on with the Spot are class assignments for the different courses we offer, and senior portfolios. I have found the students love to see their work online and can't wait to show their friends and families. Digication Spotlight has generated a tremendous amount of positive publicity and feedback for the Art Department, and we have even received commendation from college admissions counselors."

Digication Spotlight is part of the Digication Suite of products, which combine elements of social networking and learning management systems to create a secure, private community that can learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom, according to the announcement. Also available as part of the suite, Digication Campus provides educators with a Web-based classroom that facilitates a collaborative educational experience.

Digication Spotlight is available for free to the first 1,000 users at any U.S. accredited institution, and can be signed up for as an individual or as part of an institution by visiting

Source: Digication,

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