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Digication Announces Release of New Version of Integrated E-Portfolio Tool with Online Learning Community

Posted Mar 5, 2007
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Digication Inc. has announced it will release next week a major new version of  its e-Portfolio solution that is now integrated with its online classroom, creating a single, more robust solution, according to the announcement. Digication provides teachers and students with the tools to build a collaborative learning community, with creation, publication, discussion, and archival of educational content. Digication is free for 1,000 users at any U.S. accredited school, connecting students with their peers and the school community via an intuitive Web-based interface.

Digication's online classroom tool offers a centralized meeting place for educators and students to access and discuss class materials, calendar important dates and events, and archive the entire class experience for future reference and accreditation purposes. Teachers and students can export content from the classroom tools into their own e-Portfolios, giving them the opportunity to publish important highlights from the classroom experience, displaying their creations online in a professional way.  

Digication builds online learning communities by providing the basic communication tools needed to encourage collaboration and exploration throughout the teaching and learning experience. Through a forum-like environment teachers and students can discuss learning materials, provide and receive feedback, and contribute to the collective goals of the class.

e-Portfolio Tools Features & Benefits

  • Educationally based social network - Digication e-Portfolios created by teachers, students, and alumni create connected school communities.
  • Safe and Secure - Within Digication, educators and administrators are given the opportunity to approve published material, and the school can select who has access to student e-Portfolios.
  • Collaborative e-Portfolio editing - Groups can work together to create and publish an e-Portfolio for a class project, a departmental exhibition, grant supported endeavors, an extra curricular activity or upcoming event.
  • Tagging, commenting and RSS - Digication incorporates collaborative Web 2.0 features that help build an active learning community via tagging,  private and public comments, and regular updates for RSS subscribers. 
  • Ample Storage - Digication offers 3 gigs of storage for free for up to 1,000 people at any school. Additional storage can be purchased for $50 year/gig.

Online Classroom Tools Features & Benefits

  • Courses & communities - Digication offers collaborative, community based learning tools empowering teachers and students with the tools necessary to organize course materials, community activities, events, and tasks.
  • Threaded discussions -Digication's online discussion format facilitates group based learning and knowledge sharing. Teachers and students can easily view and track the entire educational experience.
  • Grading made simple -Intuitive grading tools allow teachers to view assignments and grades all in one place, and easily print and export their grade book anytime.
  • Calendar and tasks - Course, community and personal calendars keep teachers and students organized. Digication provides tools for quick and easy tools adding and editing events.
  • Export content to e-Portfolio tool - Teachers and students can select outstanding work or important learning milestones rooted in class communication, and seamlessly export the content to the e-Portfolio tool for publication.

Source: Digication, Inc.,

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