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Digication Admin Tool Enhances the Management of e-Portfolio, Collaboration and Online Learning Communities

Posted Feb 21, 2007
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Digication has announced the Digication Admin Tool, an enhanced management and customization solution that unlocks advanced capabilities of Digication. The management tool works seamlessly with Digication's free e-Portfolio and Web-based learning solutions (see Digication Unveils Safe Social Network and E-Portfolio for Students and Educators) to produce a fully manageable learning and collaboration community, where students can discuss ideas and concepts, and post their best work for others to view.

The Digication Admin Tool enables schools to take control over the management of their Digication learning community, from linking user sign-up to existing student databases, to course management and user access privileges within the online community. It allows administrators to customize their school's Digication site, import user data and course lists, review usage metrics and control what users are allowed to do on the school's site. Digication's Admin Tool lets schools decide what e-portfolios, what communications or online classroom content should be published to individual sub-groups of students, teachers, individual classes, clubs and organizations, or to the outside world — all with the by-design Web 2.0 principles Digication was built upon, according to the announcement.

The Digication Admin Tool allows users to customize the software to meet the needs of a department, school, or district wide adoption, and enhances the management of Digication in ways that include:

* Customize your school's Digication site - Upload the school logo and color scheme, and select a unique web address (i.e.
* Manage user signup - Receive notifications when new users sign up as a student, teacher or alum of an institution. Lists of valid students and teachers can be imported to automate the process and prevent unauthorized users from signing up.
* Use metrics - Measure the success of Digication at a school by reviewing the frequency of posts, user logins and activity, amount of server space and generate content for accreditation and awards.
* Control user functions - Control what users are allowed to do on the school's site. Determine whether users can change their personal settings. Promote a safe and secure environment for teachers and students to learn and share.
* Advance community building - Groups created by the school, such as teachers, students, academic and extracurricular organizations, or a particular class year, can be contacted with group notifications.


Digication is free for 1,000 users at any U.S. accredited school. Teachers, students and alumni as part of a school can sign up by visiting to create an unlimited number of e-Portfolios, online courses and online communities.

To support the continued innovation of Digication and its growing user base across the U.S., the Digication Admin Tool is available to user groups, individual departments, an entire school, or a district for a cost based on the number of users at a school being managed. For small numbers of users, annual subscription pricing per user starts at $20/year. The average cost per user decreases as the number of users increases, with the subscription fee going down as low as $5/year.

 Source: Digication,

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