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Internet @ Schools Releases Mobile Flashcards

Posted Jun 14, 2011
Bookmark and Share has announced the release of Mobile Flashcard - a feature that aids students in comprehending and retaining information and ideas, directly from their mobile device. Helpful in keeping kids engaged in education during the summer, the offering extends the personalized, online Flashcards learning experience to a mobile generation that thrives on 24/7 access to information - illustrated by the 30M downloads of's mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Available today on Android and shortly on iPhone,'s Mobile Flashcards offer students the ability to create fun, tailored study programs that they can access anywhere, anytime - featuring quizzes and games - by simply providing terms. Features include:

  • Synchronization of personalized settings with previously launched desktop Flashcards, creating a blended online and mobile experience
  • Synchronization with online content from desktop Flashcards, including expert-created decks by grade-level and subject, preparation for SAT and other standardized tests, and shared decks from's user community
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Preparation for SAT and other standardized tests

Mobile Flashcards now complement's latest learning features, including the Spanish Channel, Quotes, and desktop Flashcards, which are currently available on the site. The new suite of features is designed to make learning fun for students, keeping them engaged in their education, even during the summer when they aren't being prompted by a teacher. Mobile Flashcards are now available at


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