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Desire2Learn Announces Desire2Learn Learning Suite 10

Posted Apr 14, 2012
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Desire2Learn has announced the upcoming release of Desire2Learn Learning Suite 10, its most advanced, personalized, easy to use, and engaging platform to date.

Desire2Learn Learning Suite 10 combines its feature-rich, flexible learning environment, with a simpler, more intuitive, and engaging experience. Building on the core strengths of the platform, this latest release enables educators to take learning to the next level while delivering an enjoyable and user-friendly experience for instructors and learners, the announcement states.

Included among the developments in Desire2Learn Learning Suite 10:

* Engaging User Interface - With a new navigation minibar, streamlined navigation, and a new layout, users are provided with an interface that enables instructors and learners to create and engage with courses quickly and effortlessly.

* Personalized User Experience - Provides immediate access to resources where and when it is needed based on the individual preferences of the learner and personalized learning paths. Learners and instructors can tailor the Desire2Learn Learning Environment based on their own preferences for navigation, communication, notifications, calendar integrations, and more.

* Support for Advanced, Sophisticated Assessment - Enables key learning insights and tracking for advanced assessments including enhancements to the competency/learning objectives structure, and advanced analytics for learner success and retention. It also enables instructors to use assessment data in a meaningful way to create custom learning paths for students.

* Extensible and Mature Next Generation Learning Platform - Enables clients and partners to easily create unique learning experiences by integrating best of breed technology from around campus and the web.

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