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Curriculum Associates Releases Science Vocabulary Series

Posted Jul 31, 2006
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Curriculum Associates released Passwords: Science Vocabulary for grades 3-12. The program is part of a series designed to help students develop academic language.

The series consists of nine books and companion CDs. The CDs provide an audio version of the reading passages for students who would benefit from listening to the passage multiple times.

The Series' Books C-H for grades 3-8 are aligned with science content standards and combine Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. An alternate format is available for grades 6-8 to address state standards that require the instruction of a single science topic per grade (Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science).

Books C and D are currently available. Book E and the topic-specific "Earth Science" title will be available in September 2006. The "Life Science" and "Physical Science" titles will be released in October 2006. The remainder of the series—Books F, G and H—will be available in December 2006.

Student books are $7.95 each. Teacher guides are $16.95 each. Audio CDs are $13.95 each.

Curriculum Associates, 800/225-0249 or

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