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Curriculum Associates Launches ‘CAMS’ and ‘STAMS’ Math Series

Posted Sep 20, 2010
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Curriculum Associates has released a new series with the CAMS & STAMS name to help educators accurately diagnose students' levels and provide differentiated instruction to help raise student achievement in foundational math skills. The CAMS (Comprehensive Assessment for Mathematics Strategies) & STAMS (Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success) series provides an assessment and instruction program which includes engaging interactive whiteboard activities for skills practice and to ensure student mastery of every concept.

Designed to boost math performance for students in grades 3-8, CAMS is a research-based diagnostic tool, including pretests, benchmarks, and post-tests, that help identify students' strengths and weaknesses, target instruction, and measure progress and mastery of the most important math skills at each grade level. STAMS consists of a series of highly-scaffolded lessons that allow for explicit instruction based on the results from the CAMS series of assessments. Each grade level of STAMS covers and provides deep instruction of 16 skills and concepts aligned to the NCTM Focal Points and Connections and identified as the most important math skills students need to master to move on to the next grade level. Additionally, the lessons and concepts within each grade level are aligned to Common Core Standards.

The CAMS & STAMS program provides comprehensive support for teachers to teach the subject in various education settings, including summer- and after-school programs, and it offers an ideal solution for students who need extra support to meet grade-level requirements. Embedded professional development including step-by-step guidance and intuitive interactivity make lessons easy to use for teachers with all levels of experience.

Each grade-level CAMS series and STAMS series contains 25 Student Books and one Teacher Guide, for a total of 50 Student Books and two Teacher Guides for $359.00. The CAMS series includes Student Books that are sold in 10-packs for $39.90 and Teacher Guides that can be purchased individually for $5.95. The STAMS series Student Books can be purchased for $10.95 each and Teacher Guides for $13.95 each. The complete set of 32 Interactive Whiteboard lessons per grade level is included for free with purchase of the CAMS and STAMS series.

Source: Curriculum Associates,

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