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Curriculum Associates Expands Ready Mathematics

Posted Nov 12, 2014
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Curriculum Associates has expanded its Ready Mathematics program to include a student Practice and Problem Solving Book, as well as online Math Center Activities for grades 2–5, to help students further develop conceptual understanding, problem-solving strategies, and procedural fluency. The Ready program now provides teachers with more classroom activities as well as options for rigorous, independent student practice in class, after school, or at home.

The Mathematics Practice and Problem Solving Book complements the Student Instruction Book and includes:

· A family letter for every lesson that helps parents or caregivers understand the content and participate in the lesson activity with their child

· Problems that require greater levels of higher-order thinking and encourage students to reason and explain their thinking

· Performance tasks that require students to integrate concepts and skills from multiple standards within the unit to solve a multi-step problem

· Unit games that provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively as they build fluency and deepen conceptual understanding

The new Math Center Activities, available within Ready’s Online Teacher Toolbox, further reinforce the program’s instructional and practice components. There are two activities providing differentiated instruction for each standard, and each activity is differentiated for students performing on-level, below-level, and above-level. The activities can be used by teachers to differentiate instruction or by students either individually or in small groups without direct teacher involvement, which make the activities ideal for use as part of a classroom rotation or for use in tutoring centers.

Ready Mathematics supports a rich classroom environment in which mathematical reasoning, mathematical discourse, and a range of mathematical practices all thrive. Ready Common Core Mathematics Instruction, available for grades K–8, addresses the Common Core’s emphasis on conceptual understanding and mathematical reasoning by using problem solving throughout the instruction. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are embedded throughout the instruction.

Teacher Resource Books support teachers with strong embedded professional development, including step-by-step lesson plans, mathematical discourse questions and possible student solutions to help support teachers in learning the new standards, and instructional strategies. In addition to the new Math Center Activities, the Online Teacher Toolbox provides teachers with invaluable, easy-to-use resources, including access to all Ready Mathematics K–8 lessons, and additional resources to enable teachers to differentiate instruction and reteach prerequisite skills students may not have mastered in earlier grade levels.

Both the student Practice and Problem Solving Book and the Math Center Activities are currently available. The student Practice and Problem Solving Book can be purchased for an introductory cost of $5 per student until December 31, 2014. The Math Center Activities are available for free to teachers with a subscription to the Online Teacher Toolbox.

Source: Curriculum Associates,

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