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Curriculum Associates Creates New Reading and Math Assessment geared to Common Core State Standards

Posted May 17, 2011
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Curriculum Associates has created a new reading and mathematics assessment  for grades 3-8 that is designed to help educators  better transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). With the i-Ready Common Core State Standards Screener (i-Ready CCSS Screener), educators can administer a one-hour per subject online assessment to students and use the results to determine how prepared students are for the CCSS. The i-Ready CCSS Screener pinpoints the standards which students are most likely to struggle with, identifies gaps in the current curriculum, helps inform curriculum and professional development and gives educators instructional recommendations to help plan instruction.

The i-Ready CCSS Screener assesses all of the reading standards for literary and informational text, as well as all math standards that can be tested in an online environment. For reading and math standards that cannot be assessed online, educators will receive instructional recommendations to help them more effectively teach those standards. After the online student assessment, the i-Ready CCSS Screener generates immediate and easy-to-understand reports available at district-, school-, class- and individual student-levels that pinpoint which standards educators should focus on.

Created and informed in part by a panel of expert advisors including Kari Ross, Mark Thames, Roger Farr and Richard Bisk, the i-Ready CCSS Screener was built off of a strong research base that draws from a detailed body of work from the creators of the CCSS.  The i-Ready CCSS Screener uses the latest models from the SBAC and PARCC, the two consortia developing the Common Assessments, and includes actual text recommended by lead CCSS developers to meet new complexity requirements and leverages states' models for high item complexity.

Pricing is based per school and varies based on the number of students in that school.  For complete details on i-Ready CCSS Screener, and to see promotional pricing options, please visit

Source: Curriculum Associates,

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