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Curriculum Advantage Launches Classworks Science

Posted Sep 6, 2007
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Curriculum Advantage, Inc. has announced it is launching Classworks Science, a new elementary school science program to address concerns about American students' science proficiency. Results from a recent assessment ranked U.S. secondary students 24th out of 29 countries against their foreign counterparts in math and science competence.

Curriculum Advantage has been hearing from its customers – school superintendents and principals – that there is a critical need for science instructional software, especially since schools’ Adequate Yearly Progress ratings will include science for the first time this year. The new product, designed for third- through fifth-graders, is becoming available just as schools are facing new No Child Left Behind testing requirements in science. Classworks’ middle school and high school science products are currently under development.

Curriculum Advantage partnered with Six Red Marbles to develop Classworks Science. Additionally, Ken French, a consultant for the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) and a science manager for several prominent textbook publishers, assisted in the initial stage of Classworks Science’s development. His effort on Classworks Science comes on the heels of work for publishers such as Holt, Rinehart & Winston, McGraw-Hill-Glencoe, and Prentice-Hall.

The new Classworks Science product will also use the Lexile Framework to provide a common developmental scale to match students’ reading abilities with the reading levels of the science instruction. By using the Lexile scale, time spent on the computer will be more effective because students will understand more of what they read.

Source: Curriculum Advantage,

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