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“Current Issues in Health” Now on WilsonWeb

Posted Oct 20, 2007
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H.W. Wilson launched “Current Issues in Health” on WilsonWeb. The database offers editor-selected collections of articles on current subjects.

The material is designed to meet the educational and research needs of school and public libraries, including the needs of vocational students preparing for careers in health care. The database offers more than 60 topics to start and will grow by 20 topics annually.

"Current Issues in Health" covers topics such as alternative medicine, cloning, eating disorders, euthanasia, food safety, travel and health, and more. Each topic is examined in approximately 30 full text articles selected to ensure unbiased coverage. The articles come from a range of sources, including peer-reviewed journals and popular newsstand magazines.

PDF page images deliver the illustrations, charts, graphs and other visual content needed for research. Links to primary sources and Web sites are included.

Free 30-day trials are available.

H.W. Wilson,  

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