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ContentKeeper Releases High Speed Multi-Gigabit Web Filtering Technology for K-12 School Districts

Posted Nov 19, 2014
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ContentKeeper has announced the release of TurboBridge, an Ethernet bridge technology that meets the high-speed performance and scalability demands of districts’ growing bandwidth requirements.

Through a new 2nd generation interception system, TurboBridge provides reliable, high-speed web filtering that supports rising bandwidth demands in school districts and education agencies, the announcement states. The system retains higher performance and bandwidth capacities even when SSL decryption features are active, allowing for full inspection and filtering of all or selective secure Web traffic.

TurboBridge reduces the number of appliances required for high-demand network architectures by up to 75 percent, resulting in lower implementation and management costs for school districts and state and regional education agencies. Through its powerful high-speed processing capacity, TurboBridge manages high volumes of web traffic and user counts to assist with online learning and assessment testing.

The release of TurboBridge highlights ContentKeeper’s continued focus on developing web access controls for BYOD and 1:1 learning environments, according to the announcement. The company aims to facilitate easy and secure access to a rapidly growing set of online learning materials, while also protecting school district networks and students with mobile devices.

Source: ContentKeeper,

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