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Internet @ Schools Offers Constitution IQ Challenge

Posted Aug 11, 2006
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In honor of Constitution Day, September 17, offers a Constitution IQ test online at

The 10-question Fascinating Facts quiz was developed to raise awareness of the U.S. Constitution. Among the questions: What was our country's first constitution called? and What is the longest possible time a person can now serve as President?

The makers of the quiz hope that everyone who takes it will leverage the power of e-mail and pass it on to 10 more individuals and ask them to pass it on to 10 more people in turn.

The company also offers the 96-page book, "The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It." English and Spanish editions are available.

Single copies are offered at no charge, with a shipping and handling fee of $2.00. Bulk orders are available on a sliding pricing scale, beginning at $2.95 (2-19 copies) and $1.50 (20-99 copies) per copy, plus shipping and handling fees.,

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