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CompassLearning Unveils Math Products for Spanish Market

Posted Sep 28, 2005
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CompassLearning, Inc. has announced plans to launch the latest addition to its Odyssey product suite—CompassLearning Odyssey Matemáticas. In an effort to meet the needs of a large percentage of the 5.5 million children who are English language learners and whose first language is Spanish, CompassLearning will launch the first level of the product specifically for this market, K-4 math curriculum, in October.

The company's English version of Odyssey Math, launched in 2003, serves as the foundation for the new product. The product is browser-based, with flexible delivery options, and is customized to align with NCLB mandates and individual state standards.

CompassLearning is among the small group of organizations that have started to address the issue of children with limited English proficiency and the impact that has with learning basic math, according to the announcement. The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics has begun to develop strategic guidelines to help educators with this mounting issue.

"Language is key to learning, especially math," said Ann Henson, CompassLearning's vice president of Curriculum and Instruction. "A student must deal with terms not used in every day conversation, like ‘divisible' and ‘squared,' as well as terms with double meanings like ‘able' and ‘equal.' So how can a child grasp a new concept where the words used to describe it are not ones they might have picked up along the way?"

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Source: CompassLearning, Inc.,

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