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Compass Learning Expands Middle School Science Offering For New Version of CompassLearning Odyssey

Posted Aug 16, 2012
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Compass Learning has announced the expansion of its Middle School Science curriculum with the latest release of CompassLearning Odyssey. The updated science curriculum includes hundreds of new activities, quizzes, and tasks that empower teachers to engage students in key tenants of science and exploration.

The new version of CompassLearning Odyssey's Middle School Science curriculum offers:

  • 45 new interactive Flash activities expanding on key topics, including Forces, Evolution, Ecology, Chemical Reactions and Human Interactions with the Environment;
  • 45 new quizzes;
  • 187 new Odyssey Writer, Odyssey Community and Authentic Tasks throughout the Middle School Science courses; and
  • New Authentic Tasks that engage students in possible STEM careers.

The Middle School Science offering is bolstered by other summer 2012 release features, such as:

  • More flexibility to customize, control and add curriculum, content and authentic tasks for a teacher's unique teaching situations; and
  • Innovative course and grade-management features that help teachers spend more time teaching by reducing administrative tasks;

The expansion of the Middle School Science program supports core science and STEM programs and provides advanced opportunities for kids to apply and enhance their understanding of science tenets, as well as explore careers in science and related fields to meet the demands of the 21st century, the announcement states.

For more information on CompassLearning Odyssey, visit A video interview about the new Middle School Science offering is available at

Source: Compass Learning,

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