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CoSN Launches Nationwide Search for Innovative K-12 District Leaders to Develop Best Practices on Using New Media to Invigorate Learning

Posted Sep 9, 2011
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The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has announced that it is conducting a nationwide search for a dozen leading-edge school district leaders to share their experiences, challenges and best practices for innovative uses of new media in K-12 education. The effort is part of CoSN's Participatory Learning in Schools: Leadership and Policy initiative, which is supported by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative.

As part of this latest undertaking of the Participatory Learning in Schools: Leadership and Policy initiative, CoSN will identify districts throughout the country that are leading the way in the use of social media, Web 2.0 and student-owned mobile devices. Each school district selected will be asked to assemble a team of senior level administrators to form "cadres" and participate in an online community of practice (CoP) to foster peer-to-peer sharing of ideas, best practices, challenges - all with the goal of discovering new ways to leverage new media to reenergize, rethink and reimagine teaching and learning. Some of the cadres' collaborative work will take place on, CoSN's online community of practice for district leaders and leadership teams focused on innovative approaches to providing access to technology in K-12 schools and school districts.

"Web 2.0, new media and mobile applications are part of students' every day life outside of the classroom, and more and more, we're seeing school districts using these technologies inside of the classroom to increase engagement and maximize achievement," said CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. "Leading-edge educators are figuring out how to do this through trial and error, but also and most importantly, through proven success. Our goal is to have a window into the effective uses of these tools and ensure that other educators have an opportunity to learn from and understand in greater detail how these innovative districts and their administrators are succeeding."

If you wish to apply, please submit an application here.

To learn more about the initiative, visit: or contact Ariadna Mahon-Santos for additional details.

Source: Consortium for School Networking (CoSN),

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