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CoSN Launches “Green” Initiative

Posted Nov 10, 2008
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The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) launched a Green Computing Leadership Initiative designed to help schools identify ways to reduce waste, save energy and promote sustainability.

The new initiative provides K-12 technology leaders with a number of resources, tips and tools to help schools and school districts reduce their carbon footprints. The program focuses on three major topic areas—technology energy use, green computing purchase and disposal, and reducing waste and saving natural resources.

The project includes a new Web resource-- provides information on topics ranging from making responsible computer purchases with consideration for disposal, to using computers to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. The online material features a technology energy use calculator that helps educators estimate kilowatt-hour use and related costs for current and planned computing and network infrastructure.

Additional resources include tips for reducing power consumption and general information to help school leaders set achievable goals and become exemplars for their school or district.

The Green Computing Leadership Institute is made possible with support from Cisco, Dell, Faronics, Gartner, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Pearson, SAS, Smart Technologies and Toshiba.


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