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Co-nect Delivers Professional Development Program for Literacy Trainers

Posted Mar 16, 2005
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Professional development provider Co-nect today introduced Co-nect Literacy, a program that builds the capacity of "literacy coaches" to help teachers use data to effectively plan and differentiate instruction, and to promote high-quality K-3 literacy instruction district-wide.

The federal Reading First program requires school districts to provide early literacy teachers with professional development on the essential components of reading, as well as how to administer and interpret assessments of student progress. Districts are increasingly hiring "literacy coaches" to help meet the need. Co-nect Literacy, according to the announcement, enables coaches to help their schools implement a data-driven approach to improving K-3 literacy. Teachers are supported to base instruction on effective reading practice, use data to modify and differentiate instruction, and address the literacy needs of all students.

The program focuses on analyzing key data throughout the year in order for coaches to develop a complete picture of literacy achievement, and enable them to implement a system of analysis and progress monitoring. Co-nect's instructional diagnostic tools and progress monitoring data, such as DIBELS, are used to measure ongoing success.

Co-nect trains coaches in methods to implement in their schools such as classroom modeling, the lesson study process, and progress monitoring. Training topics include:

- Foundations of Coaching;

- Scientifically Based Reading Instruction;

- Analyzing School and Student Performance;

- Designing Instructional Interventions;

- Setting Goals and Monitoring Progress Formatively; and

- Evaluating Interventions and Adjusting Instruction.

Schools and districts can apply for funding for Co-nect Literacy from the following funding sources: Reading First, Title I, local and district funds, comprehensive school reform (CSR) and Teacher Quality (Title II, Part D). Co-nect offers grant-writing support and can provide materials on Co-nect Literacy for inclusion in grant applications.

A brochure on Co-nect Literacy in PDF format is available from Co-nect at

Source: Co-nect,

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