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Classroom Evaluation of Ballard & Tighe's Word Raider: Escape Demonstrates Effectiveness of Focused Motivation in Game-Based Learning

Posted Dec 3, 2012
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Ballard & Tighe Publishers recently completed a beta test of Word Raider: Escape, a new online video game that teaches academic vocabulary to students in grades 2-5. The testing evaluated game-play and student interaction. It yielded data supporting the ability of game-based learning to engage students while enabling deeper learning and vocabulary retention, the announcement states.

The academic vocabulary taught in Word Raider: Escape was selected to bridge the language gap, and the game's evaluation in both the United States and international schools revealed that providing rigorous content through a game-based format produced a state of focused motivation, which boosted language acquisition.

The majority of students surveyed after the evaluation indicated that their favorite aspect of the educational game was "Final Escape," a difficult end-of-level word puzzle that tests students' ability to use the academic vocabulary learned within the game.

Built with the same kinds of activities that make video games captivating and fun, Word Raider: Escape is a robust instructional program that situates players in a virtual world where learning and practicing academic vocabulary is the objective. Nearly 1,000 students from Texas, Utah, California, and as far as Singapore participated in the beta test, conducted from October1-12, 2012.

Word Raider: Escape will be available in mid-December at $24 per student per year. For more information, visit

Source: Ballard & Tighe Publishers,

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