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Children’s Way Foundation’s “Every Kid Votes” Campaign Launches

Posted Sep 24, 2008
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Children’s Way Foundation’s Woogi World, a children’s virtual social site, has announced the "Every Kid Votes" campaign, a program designed to teach elementary children about the right and responsibility of voting in America. Upon completion of this adventure children will have earned the privilege to cast their ballot for either Senators Barack Obama or John McCain, with the results of this vote aired in the national media.


On Woogi World children learn the importance of being an informed citizen and the responsibilities of voting to sustain democracy, according to the announcement. As they engage in the "Every Kid Votes" program, students learn about the voting process and civic responsibility, and in turn will more likely become informed and civic-minded adults who will take an active role in the democratic process.


Partnering in the campaign is the academic classroom supplement "Studies Weekly."


To participate in the "Every Kid Votes" campaign, go to and register your children and students today for the national kid vote in October.


Children’s Way Foundation/Woogi World Program, a national non-profit organization, uses its website,, to help elementary children worldwide become responsible internet users and goodwill ambassadors (good influences in their homes, schools, and communities), according to the announcement.

Source: Children’s Way Foundation,

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