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Chautauqua Institution Launches Web-Based Learning Experience

Posted Apr 7, 2010
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The Chautauqua Institution has announced the launch of In Depth, a uniquely Chautauquan Web-based learning experience, and has invited the public to join. The 6-9 month program will provide participants an opportunity for deeper learning and more substantive conversations about important topics of our day, according to the announcement. Explore a subject "in depth" with expert-recommended readings and audio/video programming. Interact with the experts and engage with fellow participants via email, online discussions, webinars and video events. The program is designed to enable participants to build a community of engagement that extends beyond the nine-week Chautauqua season.

For 2010, the In Depth program will explore the Institution's Week Six (August 2-6) theme, "Excellence in Public Education." Serving as the guide through this examination of the issues is Dr. Sharon Robinson, president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Each week, beginning on April 7 with the launch of the In Depth website, Robinson will provide participants with materials, suggested readings and conversation prompts that expand upon the issues to be explored by Week Six lecturers as well as those issues that fall outside of the lecturers' topics. Participants will be encouraged to engage one another through the website and during two special events hosted by Robinson: a webinar in early May and the In Depth "main event"-a workshop on the Chautauqua grounds during Week Six. 

To join the In Depth community, or for more information, please visit

Source: The Chautauqua Institution,

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