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Change the Headlines! Gale’s New Library Campaign Asks Public to Share “My Library Story”

Posted Sep 29, 2014
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Ninety-five percent of Americans believe public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed, but today’s headlines focus on the many challenges facing libraries and their risk of becoming irrelevant. Gale, a leading provider of library resources and part of Cengage Learning, intends to change those headlines with a campaign encouraging everyone to share My Library Story through a newly created online community designed to help libraries tell a strong value story around their impact.

“If we’re going to change the headlines about libraries today, we need to tell a stronger story around what it is that libraries do and how they change lives for the better,” said Frank Menchaca, senior vice president for Gale. “Through the Career Online High School program, which brings accredited education to public libraries and our newly launched My Library Story community, Gale is providing the tools and the platform for libraries to demonstrate their value.”

For every story submitted to My Library Story (now through February 28, 2015), Gale will donate $1 to an advertising fund used to promote libraries through mainstream media during National Library Week 2015. In addition, Gale has developed a short video to bring to life the benefits that libraries offer and inspire all library staff and users to share their library stories in an effort to change the conversation taking place around libraries today.

WHAT: Let’s change the headlines around libraries. View the short video developed by Gale and submit your library story to the My Library Story community.

WHO: Open to all library users and library staff

WHERE: My Library Story community - This website is hosted and moderated by Gale, on behalf of its library partners.

WHY: Because libraries are essential to the health, wealth, and education of the student and residential communities they serve, but they are too often portrayed as struggling to keep up with changing technologies and user needs—and at risk of becoming irrelevant. The challenges are real, but so are the successes, wins, and outcomes driven by libraries. It’s time to change the headlines.

Contact Kristina Massari at for more information on the campaign and how Gale is helping change the headlines around libraries.

Source: Cengage Learning and Gale, or

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