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Champion of IDEAS Blue Level for Intermediate English Language Learners

Posted Sep 2, 2008
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Champion of IDEAS Blue Level, the second part of Ballard & Tighe’s Champion of IDEAS program, is now available for intermediate English language instruction in middle and high schools.

Champion of IDEAS is a comprehensive, systematic, and standards-based English language development (ELD) program organized by language level, rather than grade level.

The program develops and refines social language proficiency and builds academic language proficiency through content-specific vocabulary and concepts, idiomatic and figurative expressions, and grammatical and linguistic structures. Students also refine their English academic skills in reading, writing, and research through the use of graphic organizers and specialized dictionaries.

The complete Champion program includes support materials, resources, and assessments, as well as student textbooks (Champion Reader), workbooks (Champion Writer), assessments (Champion Tester), and a library of literature books. A teachers’ guide with CD-ROM resources covers the instructional plan and provides detailed instructions on how to use all of the program components.

The Champion of IDEAS series is organized into three parts for middle and high school learners. The Red Level (released in Fall 2007) covers the beginning and early intermediate language levels. The Yellow Level, currently in development, is designed for early advanced and advanced English language learners.

Ballard & Tighe,  

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