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Cerebellum Corporation Releases Five new Cerebellum Teaching Systems Titles

Posted May 15, 2009
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Cerebellum Corporation, a producer and distributor of entertaining and educational media, has released five new Cerebellum Teaching Systems titles. Each title is a comprehensive review of subject matter delivered as an educational video and digital workbook. The workbook contains lesson plans, multiple choice and essay questions, an answer key, and assessment tools for teachers.


Cerebellum Teaching Systems have received academic recognition for the programs' unique approach to learning in the classroom. Each subject is based on national academic standards and reviewed by collegiate professors.  


The subjects covered in the new titles are fundamental math, vocabulary, SAT, English composition, and U.S. history. Production and design are created by the company's academic team of professors, teachers, students, young comedians, and actors.


Titles cover the following:

* Fundamental Math starts with the basics and builds to more advanced math concepts, calculations, and properties of rational numbers.

* Vocab provides real-world meaning to difficult words while entertaining students as it prepares them for SAT, ACT, and other exams.

* SAT offers test prep and includes tips and strategies for each section of the SAT.

* English Composition develops students’ skills and confidence and teaches them to compose for a variety. 

* U.S. History provides a thorough breakdown of the turning points in U.S. History. It examines leaders, citizens, reforms, warfare, and economic events.


Cerebellum Teaching Systems titles are available through major educational distributors and online at

Source: Cerebellum,

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