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Cerebellum Corp.’s New ‘Guidance Systems’ Series Addresses Sensitive Issues for K-12 Students

Posted Dec 6, 2010
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Cerebellum Corporation has created new video titles to address sensitive topics that students face, such as bullying and harassment, sex education, substance abuse and internet-cell phone safety. Released under the new Guidance Systems product line, these DVDs are intended to help educators broach extremely sensitive topics in a thoughtful, yet comprehensive, way.

Cerebellum's producers researched prevalent school issues to identify the critical topics that are covered in the programs. Based on these findings, each Guidance Systems DVD presents real-life vignettes that students can identify with to develop an understanding of the consequences, emotions and age-appropriate solutions related to each topic. Each Guidance Systems program includes the selected DVD along with a workbook to facilitate classroom discussion and can serve as a supplement to any guidance curriculum.   

The Guidance Systems titles, Your Body, Your Health and Drugs ($79.95), Sexual Abuse: It's Not Your Fault ($79.95), Bullying: There's Always A Way Out ($79.95), Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble ($79.95), Sex Facts: Teens and STDs ($79.95).  These five titles may be purchased individually or in sets, including the Elementary Series ($143.95; includes Your Body and Sexual Abuse), the High School Series ($285.95; includes Bullying, Sexting and Sex Facts), and the 5-Program Series ($359.95) will be available for purchase on January 10, 2011. For complete product details, visit Cerebellum's website at

Source: Cerebellum Corporation,

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