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Cerebellum Announces Exclusive U.S. Distribution of Two Award-winning Science Series

Posted Aug 1, 2011
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Cerebellum Corporation is releasing the Kids @ Discovery: Creepy Creatures and Daily Planet: Environment Series in August 2011. Produced by Exploration Production Inc. and previously seen on Discovery Canada, this is the first time that each series is available for purchase in the U.S. market.

Kids @ Discovery: Creepy Creatures is a seven-program science series that teaches elementary students about the environment and the many creatures, from reptiles to bloodsuckers, that exist in it. Each episode is presented in a fast-paced and entertaining way, designed to captivate the attention of younger students.

Daily Planet: Environment Series is a 12-program series that documents the powerful activities that take place when humans and the earth's elements cooperate or collide, from weather patterns to natural disasters to mining. The series provides a supplementary resource for STEM curricula by exploring the scientific aspects of current topics and events though the use of interviews, field pieces and real-life experiments.

Kids @ Discovery: Creepy Creatures titles (single SRP: $39.95) include Insect Eaters, Bloodsuckers!, Creepy Creatures, Dino World, Predators, Reptiles and The Scoop on Poop! Daily Planet: Environment Series (single SRP: $39.95) include Winter, Eco-Environment, Fire, World of Water: Watercrafts, The Cold, Weather Patterns, Natural Disasters, World of Water: Vessels, World of Water: Taking the Plunge, Natural Garden, Mining and EcoHouses. Both series are available on August 8, 2011. To learn more about these series, visit

Source: Cerebellum,

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