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Capstone Digital Develops Literacy Program with MetaMetrics

Posted Jan 24, 2011
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Capstone Digital has announced a partnership with MetaMetrics, creator of The Lexile Framework for Reading under which Capstone Digital is adding Lexile measures to its new literacy program to be unveiled at FETC 2011.

The Lexile Framework measures reading ability and text complexity using a common developmental scale.  With Lexile measures, students can be assigned books and other reading materials targeted to their unique ability level that will provide the right amount of challenge to support reading progress.  The Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts cite Lexile measures as key indicators of text complexity, and provide recommended Lexile bands for reading comprehension development by grade levels to help educators prepare students for the text demands of college and careers.

Through this partnership, Capstone Digital will use the Lexile Framework to level more than 14,000 books from Capstone's imprints and divisions.  Determining the Lexile measure of each book will allow educators to personalize reading plans for students, assigning books at an appropriate level of difficulty to encourage independent reading and increase confidence.

For more information on the Lexile Framework, visit  For more information about Capstone Digital, visit

Source: Capstone Digital,

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