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Califone Releases Upgraded Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder

Posted Jun 3, 2010
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Califone International, Inc., has upgraded its Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder (2455AV-03), now offering educators and students more features that support classroom instruction and learning.

Califone has enhanced the Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder to play MP3-CD formatted discs, enabling it to play CDs burned from personal computers. For example, dance instructors can tailor music assembled onto a single CD to match their group's choreography, and play it back on the upgraded boombox.

In addition, the Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder allows educators to alter the playback speed of material, increasing or decreasing the speed by 15 percent. This feature gives educators the flexibility to match lessons to the individual learning styles of their students. For example, educators can slow down the music to help beginners learn dance steps, orchestral members practice difficult instrumental sections or language learners pick up nuances in tone and diction.

Supporting both small and large group learning activities, the Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder has six built-in headphone jacks, as well as the necessary power to project audio to audiences of more than 100 people. This boombox also can be used during emergency response situations and for making announcements by connecting a microphone to its built-in 1/4" microphone jack. Suitable for use by reading coaches, language teachers and dance instructors, the boombox offers the flexibility of having both a dual cassette and CD player.

The Performer Plus Multimedia Player/Recorder is available for $350, and comes with a one-year warranty for school use. For more information, visit

Source: Califone International, Inc.,

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