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Califone Introduces New USB Jackbox Language Technology

Posted Nov 20, 2006
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Califone International, Inc. launched the USB Jackbox, the first jackbox with microphone inputs. The device enables the recording of vocal responses and allows as many as six students to listen to and practice their language skills simultaneously.

With the Jackbox connected to a classroom computer through a USB plug, students can practice language skills or listen to recorded books and online streaming videos as a group. In addition, the device can be used as students create podcasts or connect with others online through any VoIP application.

The Jackbox includes inputs for six headphones and six microphones. Volume control is offered through output and input knobs; an AC adapter ensures uninterrupted use.

The price is $65. The Califone one-year warranty includes coverage for school use. The unit is available individually and bundled with six of the company's Multimedia Stereo 3064 headsets.

Califone International, Inc., 800/722-0500 or


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