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Califone Introduces AV Tutor and Digital Cartridge Programs to Help Develop Core Reading Skills

Posted Feb 6, 2008
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Califone International, Inc., has introduced the AV Tutor with accompanying Digital Cartridge Programs, designed to help educators provide their students enhanced literacy instruction and remediation.


The AV Tutor is a handheld player/recorder that allows students to compare their pronunciation of words with prerecorded "model" examples. It offers enhanced sound quality and, being a digital device, requires little maintenance. Appropriate for supplementing classroom curriculum, speech-language therapies, and ESL applications, the device gives students an opportunity to build reading skills independently without needing access to a desktop computer. The AV Tutor plays the chosen word and then uses that word within a sentence. It is designed for smaller hands, and its built-in 8 second memory enables students to compare and contrast their responses to the modeled sounds before moving on to the next lesson.


There are a total of seven digital cartridges designed for the AV Tutor, incorporating the most popular card reader programs to help students connect what they see with what they hear. Six of the new programs are digital upgrades from the existing CardMaster programs, which include Picture Words, Phonics, Readiness, Everyday Words #1, Survival Signs, and Basic Vocabulary #1. In addition, Califone has a seventh program, titled "Play Ball," that presents interactive narrative readings, phonemic awareness, and comprehension activities.


The AV Tutor was developed in response to educator demand for devices that will engage students as many consumer electronic devices do, such as handheld gaming systems. Califone will continue selling its 2010 and 2020 CardMaster, as well as the recently launched Reader models. The AV Tutor is available for $185 with each digital cartridge priced at $30. The AV Tutor Fundamental Center, which comes with one AV Tutor and 6 cartridges (Play Ball not included), costs $345.

Source: Califone,

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