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Califone International Launches Assistive Listening System for Differentiated Learning

Posted Jun 10, 2010
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Califone International, Inc., has launched its newest product designed specifically for educational use, the Califone Assistive Listening System.

The Assistive Listening System enables educators to provide any number of designated students with a listening device to clearly hear the teacher or other amplified audio. In smaller areas, the system combats inadequate classroom acoustics and high levels of ambient noise, thereby increasing engagement and achievement, according to the announcement. For larger settings, such as auditoriums, or for outdoor uses, such as field trips, listeners can receive extra audio support.

Though kit sizes vary, the core system includes a 900 MHz transmitter for the presenter that can be fitted with either a headset or mini condenser microphone, and any number of wireless receivers (with connecting headphones) for listeners. Each receiver features dual headphone plugs so it can be shared with a classmate. 

This system also is helpful for those who need translation support, such as non-English-speaking parents at back-to-school nights. Listeners can choose between a lightweight headphone or a single ear headphone attached to the receiver. The receivers and transmitters can be worn with a lanyard around the neck or at the waist with a belt clip.

The Assistive Listening System comes with a charger and carrying case, and is available in a variety of packages so technology directors and educators can select the solution that best fits their specific needs.

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