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CTB/McGraw-Hill Launches TerraNova 3

Posted Oct 17, 2007
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CTB/McGraw-Hill has announced the release of TerraNova , Third Edition (TerraNova 3) , an up-to-date, research-based norm-referenced assessment. TerraNova 3 gives educators a comprehensive tool to measure and monitor student progress relative to local, state, and national standards, the announcement states. 

Now available with 2007 norms, TerraNova 3 was developed using a nationally representative sample of children in grades K–12, and aligns with state and national standards in all the content areas. It reflects state NCLB assessments in item format and content, helping educators accurately measure students’ skills relative to standards.

TerraNova 3 delivers actionable reporting information. By integrating assessment and reporting options, it translates data into information that teachers and education leaders can use to improve instruction. Using visual displays and familiar language to explain student results, TerraNova 3 clarifies complex information and makes it easier to interpret data and target instruction, according to the announcement. Reports can be delivered in standard or customized formats.

Created with rigorous psychometric standards, TerraNova 3 delivers assessments that are valid, reliable, and fair, the announcement states. The assessment construction standards were designed to ensure that each item measures what is intended. The assessment also measures a wide range of skills and proficiency levels and assesses higher levels of cognitive processing and deeper depths of knowledge.

TerraNova 3 is available in numerous options to suit district needs including: Multiple Assessments, which combine multiple choice and constructed response items; Complete Battery with multiple choice items only; and Survey, a more streamlined version for use with limited testing times.

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Source: CTB/McGraw-Hill,

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