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CTB Integrates SMART’s Interactive Response Systems with Acuity UnWired

Posted Mar 23, 2011
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CTB/McGraw-Hill and SMART Technologies, Inc. (SMART) have announced that Acuity UnWired now supports three SMART Response interactive response systems, through a collaboration between CTB and SMART. The collaboration further expands the use of Acuity by classroom teachers to track student performance directly and use SMART Response interactive response systems in their formative instruction.
In May 2011 students will be able to take Acuity UnWired assessments using SMART Response PE  and SMART Response XE instead of pencils and paper or computers. SMART's previous model, Senteo interactive response system, is no longer available for purchase but is supported and integrated with Acuity UnWired.

Acuity UnWired instantly displays student responses and percent-correct scores, enabling teachers to track progress in real-time. When an assessment is complete, Acuity UnWired uploads student performance data to Acuity, generating standards-aligned reports within minutes. The feedback gives educators the ability to modify their instruction, making true data-driven instruction a reality.
Using Acuity UnWired benefits both teachers and students in the following ways, according to the announcement:

Today's tech-savvy students are familiar with and prefer using hand-held, electronic devices.

Acuity UnWired enables teachers to test quickly and easily, get instant results, and immediately adjust instruction as guided by test results.

Using interactive response devices frees-up computer labs for other instructional purposes, eliminating lab scheduling conflicts.

Students report feeling more at ease taking assessments in their classrooms with interactive response systems, compared to taking assessments in computer labs.

Using Acuity UnWired eliminates costly and time-consuming printing, barcoding, distributing, collecting, and scanning of answer sheets.
Since its release in 2009, Acuity UnWired has been deployed in hundreds of schools, with universally successful results. In informal classroom surveys, students noted almost unanimously that they preferred interactive response system devices, not only to paper and pencil, but also to online testing. Teachers also reported a high level of comfort and ease of use, and district officials were very satisfied.
Source: CTB/McGraw-Hill,

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