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CDW-G Announces ‘21st-Century Classroom’ Site

Posted Jan 28, 2008
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CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G) has announced its 21st-Century Classroom solution to deliver comprehensive technology products and professional development services to the K-12 market. The solution is highlighted by new partnerships with key educational technology companies, including Futurekids, Inc., 8e6 Technologies, Promethean, and RM Educational Software, that broaden CDW-G’s offerings.


CDW-G’s 21st-Century Classroom solution includes:

* Professional development – the cornerstone of every educational technology program, which helps teachers understand the technology and how it integrates into classroom learning

* Interactive software – proven curriculum resources to engage students

* Audio/visual components – interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, and projectors bring learning to life

* Networking and security – technology that provides for collaboration yet ensures crucial data, as well as student, faculty and staff information, is protected


The site also includes lesson plans for teachers to take technology from a standalone classroom to a fully integrated learning tool.


Visit to see the full capabilities of the CDW-G 21st-century classroom.


Source: CDW-G.


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