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Bull Announces the Collaboration Education Appliance to Connect Schools, Students, and Parents Using Social Networking Technology

Posted Oct 23, 2008
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Bull has announced the Collaboration Education Appliance, a family of interconnected services that enhance the value of dialog inside and outside the school firewall using Web 2.0 software applications. The integrated suite delivers blog, wiki, and forum capabilities that are simple, easy to use, and together deliver more than any one individual application.


Expertly selected Open Source Web 2.0 collaboration tools have been validated and integrated with value-added capabilities. These applications are combined with NovaScale hardware from Bull to provide a superior solution.


The Collaboration Education Appliance can help educators:

- Create an online class destination for students and parents

- Post assignments and reminders for students about everything from homework to a school event

- Enable discussions about topics of interest to students

- Set up team projects


The Collaboration Education Appliance includes the latest Intel 64 Xeon 3000 dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 1 TB internal storage (expandable), rack or tower configuration, preinstalled and configured applications, and a one-year license.


Value-added capabilities include:

- Firewall protection

- Automated content backup

- Sophisticated security

- Automated installation into the school network


For additional information about the Bull Collaboration Education Appliance, visit

Source: Bull,

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