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Britannica Publishes New Elementary Ebooks

Posted Feb 14, 2013
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Britannica Digital Learning has announced it is publishing hundreds of new non-fiction ebooks for grades preK-6 in a wide range of school subjects. More the 300 titles in science, social studies, language arts and math will be available by June, each of them curriculum-aligned, covering topics such as animals, colors, holidays, elementary math concepts, astronomy, famous people and hundreds of others.

The new e-volumes represent a significant addition to Britannica's ebook title list, which is set to surpass 850 volumes this year, and a big boost in its elementary-school offerings. The new books are rigorously edited, extensively illustrated and designed to be enjoyable and engaging to students, according to the announcement. They provide schools and libraries with a large selection of high-quality texts for classroom study and research and will help satisfy the non-fiction reading requirements of the new Common Core State Standards.

Britannica ebooks are whiteboard ready. They can be accessed 24/7 by students, teachers and library patrons through any web connection. They require no special reading device and can be read on a PC, tablet computer or smart phone. All titles in a school's or library's holdings can be searched with a single keyword. Password-protected notes can be saved and the material can be printed.

The first 15 pages of each Britannica title are available free at Pricing, titles and more information are available from the company.

Source: Britannica Digital Learning,

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