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Britannica Launches New Editions of SmartMath

Posted Jan 25, 2012
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Britannica Digital Learning has announced two new versions of Britannica SmartMath, the online math practice and assessment program used in elementary schools around the country.

The new editions of the product, SmartMath Practice and SmartMath Practice Plus, both priced lower than the premium edition, provide a greater range of options for schools to choose from with regard to administrative and assessment features. All three provide the engaging math practice exercises for grades 1-8 that have proven popular with students and produced measurable improvement.

With the introduction of these new versions Britannica SmartMath is now available in three variations:

* SmartMath Practice - provides curriculum-correlated, adaptive math practice. One dollar per student, with a $425 building minimum. Ideal for libraries.

* SmartMath Practice Plus - curriculum and textbook correlated, this version is an adaptive math practice assessment of student progress. Ideal for individual classrooms.

* Premium Edition - curriculum and textbook correlated, it provides adaptive math practice along with a full suite of features for the assessment of student progress. Premium Edition includes pre- and post-tests that capture student improvement and a test-creation tool. Ideal for school- and district-wide implementation.

Britannica SmartMath is designed to improve student math skills and test scores and to supplement any mathematics curriculum. The program differentiates instruction by adjusting to every student's level. Amusing avatars create a fun, game-like environment that engages students.

The program can be used to improve student skills in conjunction with the core curriculum, in tutoring and after-school programs and by students working at home or in classroom groups.

The program is correlated to Common Core standards and helps schools achieve Annual Yearly Progress under the U.S. No Child Left behind Act by building math proficiency through practice while assessing student learning and providing evidence of improved performance.

More information is available at

Source: Britannica Digital Learning,

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