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Britannica Curriculum Program Takes Aim at Scientific Misconceptions

Posted Jan 25, 2012
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Britannica Digital Learning has announced Pathways: Science, a new instructional program that aims to lead students to conceptual clarity by using the scientific method itself. A web-based program for the classroom, Britannica Pathways: Science was created in response to the growing body of research and teacher experience showing that confusions and misunderstandings continue to plague students even after they've been taught a scientific topic in school. These misunderstandings persist because they make sense to students based on their personal experiences.

Britannica Pathways: Science combats these misunderstandings with collaborative, interactive exercises that engage students. Each Pathways lesson starts with a probing question designed to spark classroom discussion. Eventually the students process and identify the right concepts, not by being told the correct answers, but by testing their own ideas: collecting data, consulting sources, and using hands-on materials. Teachers facilitate the process but also allow their students to find the answers on their own.

Pathways is designed with the 21st century classroom and state standards in mind. During pilot tests in schools this year, teachers have praised the program's collaborative nature as well as the way it helps meet standards for reading non-fiction, the announcement states.

The Pathways program is designed to supplement any science textbook or core curriculum. It consists of 10 modules for grades 6-8 and covers more than 100 major misconceptions in the earth and life sciences, physics and scientific reasoning and inquiry.

Schools and districts interested in Pathways or any other Britannica products can go to for more information.

Source: Britannica Digital Learning,


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