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Brainchild Achiever! Now Offers Test Questions and Tutorials in Spanish

Posted Jan 20, 2010
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Brainchild has announced that Achiever!-an online assessment and instruction program used to evaluate student performance on state standards-now offers test questions and tutorials in Spanish or English. Students may change the text on their screen or select audio narrations in either Spanish or English and then may toggle between to the two as needed.

Achiever! is used by teachers around the country to assess standards-based performance and then deliver tutorials and retest students to determine their progress on their state's standards. Data from the program can be shared between teachers, administrators, and parents so that they can monitor student progress and provide intervention and differentiated instruction as needed. It is used in traditional classrooms, after-school programs, and migrant education programs.

Achiever! automates and simplifies continuous assessments and monitoring of student progress, so it is especially helpful in Response to Intervention (RTI) programs.

With the Spanish support, Spanish-speaking students can be more self-directed because they can read test questions and answers in Spanish and they can go through the tutorials-including all the on-screen animations, illustrations, text and audio narrations-in either language.

Source: Brainchild, Corp.,

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