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BookheadEd Learning Announces Launch of StudySync

Posted Feb 2, 2011
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BookheadEd Learning  has announced the launch of StudySync, a program that combines classic and modern texts, digital media, mobile technology, and social networking to inspire students to achieve higher levels of critical thinking and academic collaboration. Designed for middle and high school students, StudySync aligns the world of contemporary media and entertainment with the proven pedagogy of traditional teaching, according to the announcement.
With more than 300 classic and modern texts, Sync-Library offers an expanding collection of literature, engaging writing prompts, and rich media to build student interest. Many of the texts appear in Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards, and were chosen to match the curriculum of courses taught in middle school through high school, as well as at the college level. The text excerpts are designed to inspire students to read the complete work, and can be used in any discipline, including English, language arts, social studies, history, and science.
Sync-TV offers a television-quality video series that features college-level students interacting to construct meaning from a short text. The students model excellence in critical thinking by exchanging ideas, examining premises and assumptions, and reading the author's words closely for meaning. Each episode is accompanied by a complete lesson from Sync-Lessons, including pre-writing activities, a writing prompt, and an opportunity for students to post their own work, as well as review the work of their peers.

To facilitate academic collaboration, Sync-Review provides an interactive peer network that guides, inspires and improves students' analysis and communication. Teachers can make assignments to small groups, or an entire class, and students can post essays and critique the work of their peers, using classroom guidelines and a rubric provided by StudySync. This closed peer review network encourages effective timely review, and improvement to critical thinking and student expression.
In addition to collaborating online, students are able to collaborate with each other through mobile technology on topics of cultural significance. Sync-Blasts enable teachers to distribute prompts related to current events to PDAs, iPhones and email, and post for peer review and rating. These prompts can be integrated with lesson plans, and are designed to stimulate student interest and encourage meaningful discussion about important contemporary issues.
StudySync features classroom management and assessment tools through Sync-Management and Sync-Assessment, allowing teachers to deliver assignments, guide student work and perform feedback-based assessments. StudySync enables creative and flexible classroom use by allowing teachers to make individual, group or whole class assignments, and customize lessons to targeted learning goals and objectives. In addition, adaptive assessment tools allow teachers to easily track student progress and improvement over time.
StudySync is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and developed in full recognition of the National Council of Teachers of English's Position Statement on 21st Century Literacies.
Pricing for StudySync starts at $175 per teacher (up to three classrooms) per year. Building-wide pricing begins at $2,500 for an annual subscription, with volume discounts available for multiple buildings within a district. For more information, or to sign up for a free 60-day trial, visit
Source: BookheadEd Learning, LLC,

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