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Blackbaud Releases eBook to Help K-12 Schools Improve Fundraising

Posted May 27, 2015
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Blackbaud, Inc. has released a complimentary eBook outlining best practices for increasing a private school’s fundraising efforts by 20 percent or more.

Written by Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority, “How to Increase Your School’s Fundraising by 20% or More: A Step-by-Step Plan” provides private schools with a step-by-step guide to help school officials better identify, approach and ask donors to contribute to the school’s fundraising campaigns. Fundraising programs are a necessary component to a school’s mission and its success, and often help fund many programs and resources schools use yearly, as well as promote engagement with local community members and reconnect alumni.

Garetch outlines several statistics about fundraising, including the fact that event sponsors make up more than 60 percent of the revenue from most fundraising events, and the more money an event raises, the higher the percentage that comes through sponsorships. In addition, Garetch reveals that direct mail still works, and thousands of schools still make 30 percent or more of their fundraising income through the mail, while countless others use the mail as one of several methods that raise their budget each year.

Private school officials who download the book will have access to templates and resources to implement and improve existing fundraising procedures, including insights into how to motivate donors, build fundraising committees and identify additional giving opportunities, the eBook provides to tools to help schools increase funding.

Download the full eBook at

Source: Blackbaud,

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