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Big6 Learning Tools Announces Release of Big6 TurboTools v2.0

Posted Mar 6, 2006
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Big6 Learning Tools has announced the release of Big6 Turbo Tools v2.0. The new version enhances administrative and end-user settings for each edition of TurboTools, according to the announcement, including: Personal Edition, School Edition, Family Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

Personal Edition—for use by an individual with no login.

School Edition—installs on multiple computers (i.e., computer lab, library, classroom). Students can both export (save) their reports/data when leaving and import them when arriving. The easy installation reduces or eliminates IT-related issues such as network configuration and other hassles.
Family Edition—allows multiple users to use the same application on the same computer and save their data under their respective user profiles.
Enterprise Edition—is a school or district-wide solution networked through a server. IT groups can grant access to its users from home and elsewhere.

Big6 TurboTools is the foundation of a Big6 information literacy program for schools and provides a way to put the Big6 process in action. It provides uniformity for successful student learning and helps facilitate student, teacher, librarian, and even parent collaboration, the announcement states.

TurboTools guides students through the Big6 process to create projects and complete assignments of all types, including research papers and book reports. Some of the tools integrated into Big6 TurboTools are: electronic resources for teachers, parents, and students, a powerful new tool for generating custom tests and evaluations, a student project manager, a built-in word processor, a citation/notes generator, an electronic dictionary, and a customizable report organizer and generator for producing book reports, science projects, and numerous other structured documents.

A demo of TurboTools may be downloaded from

Source: Big6 Learning Resources,

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