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Benesse America Offers StraightAce Learning Middle School-Exclusive Learning System

Posted Jun 24, 2013
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StraightAce Learning, a digital learning system from Benesse America designed specifically for middle school students, focuses on math and English concepts, resulting in an interactive, multi-platform learning tool that is fully aligned with Common Core State Standards. The learning system prepares students for high school and post-secondary success, and is available on any web-connected device – saving progress between devices for a seamless learning experience.

“StraightAce Learning was created for middle school students and brings 21st Century learning right to their computers, smartphones and tablets,” said Shigeki Matsuo, president of Benesse America. “Our goal is to provide fun and engaging educational tools that prepare students for high school and offer educators more options to track class progress. Teachers can easily incorporate the StraightAce Learning system into classroom activities or use it as an effective homework management tool.”

Benesse America is launching the second module in the English series, StraightAce English: Writing, which enhances 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students’ ability to hone their composition skills. Also aligned with Common Core State Standards, this series focuses on skills such as writing introductions and conclusions, forming and supporting a thesis, editing and revising, and researching.

StraightAce English: Writing joins Grammar and Vocabulary, as well as StraightAce Math. These learning supplements are available on any web-connected device, including personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. The cloud-based system saves progress between devices for a seamless, mobile learning experience for students to learn wherever they are. Teachers are encouraged to use the StraightAce Link for Educators as an effective homework management tool for instant grading and daily progress reports for the whole class.

Currently, Benesse America is offering a free three-month trial pilot of the StraightAce program to educators. For information and to sign up, visit

Source: Benesse America Inc.,

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