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Barnes & Noble to Adopt MetaMetrics’ Lexile Framework for Reading

Posted Jul 29, 2009
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Barnes & Noble, Inc. has announced that it will offer customers the ability to search for books by Lexile measure both in stores and at Barnes & Recognized as the most widely used reading measure, a Lexile helps young readers develop literacy skills by selecting materials that match both their reading level and interests. The company said that later this fall, customers of Barnes & Noble stores and Barnes & will be able to search for specific books by Lexile measure. 


Developed by MetaMetrics, Inc., The Lexile Framework for Reading is used at the school level in all 50 states and by more than 150 publishers. A Lexile measure, which is represented by a number followed by the letter "L" (such as 850L), is a true measure of a child’s reading ability that may not necessarily correlate with a grade level. The Lexile measure helps parents to select reading materials that match their child’s individual needs and interests. Each year, tens of millions of Lexile measures are reported from reading assessments and programs, representing about half of U.S. students. More than 115,000 books and 80 million articles now have Lexile measures.


Barnes & product pages now display the Lexile measure for all titles currently in the Lexile Book Database. In addition, Barnes & Noble will add Lexile measures to up to 5,000 books from its own publishing imprints, including Sterling Publishing, SparkNotes, and Barnes & Noble Publishing.


Customers who do not already know their Lexile measure can visit MetaMetrics’ "Find a Book" website (, where a utility offers a starting point to estimate their reading ability. The website then guides users through a few steps, including a chance to pick their interests and refine their book search results by age level and Lexile range, ultimately providing a customized list of books with Lexile measures that can be purchased directly at Barnes &  


For more information on the Lexile Framework, visit


Source: MetaMetrics, Inc.,

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