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Aventa Learning Offers Additional Online Courses for Middle School

Posted Oct 16, 2008
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Aventa Learning has added 20 online middle school courses to its catalog of courses for grades 6-12.  With the new courses, Aventa offers a full range of standards-based core and elective middle school subjects, including language arts, math, science, social studies, world language, health, and art.


The National Middle School Association states that one of the characteristics of successful middle schools is a relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory curriculum that caters to young adolescents.  Aventa has designed its online middle school curriculum to help schools meet this standard and the needs of young adolescent students in the following ways:

Pacing - Classes are broken up into weekly "lessons," approximately five hours of work each week, to keep students on track.

Interdisciplinary connections - Courses draw upon other subject areas for cross-subject learning.  For example, a math lesson on probability illustrates an example using the chance of rain to integrate science concepts.

Using assessment for learning - Courses incorporate a research project or "web quest" to develop students' content-area knowledge and 21st century skills, while also enabling the teacher to assess student understanding of the subject and the research process.

Critical thinking skills - Lessons include a range of activities, such as compare and contrast projects, to prompt students to use higher order thinking skills rather than simply memorize facts.

Relevancy - Course elements draw parallels to activities and topics that interest 10-15 year-old students to engage them in the learning process, such as using skateboarding to introduce a math concept.

Exposure to community service - Students can chose from several age-appropriate community service projects outlined in the courses.  This instructional strategy satisfies young students' desire for public service, motivates them in the learning process, enriches the overall lesson plan, and helps students understand their role in the world around them.


Aventa's courses enable schools and districts to incorporate online education programs into their curriculum to broaden their course offerings and individualize instruction while minimizing staffing and facility costs.  To ensure successful online learning, Aventa trains educators who are designated as the school's student mentors and provides a dedicated learning coach who is available to answer questions and provide best practices to school or district staff.


For detailed course descriptions and full course catalog, go to

Source: Aventa Learning,

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