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Authors/Illustrators Selected for AASL "Knowledge Quest" Columns

Posted Sep 26, 2008
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The American Association of School Librarians and the Children’s Book Council released the names of the contributors selected for the AASL Knowledge Quest journal’s "Meet the Author/Illustrator" column during the 2008-2009 school year.

The contributors are:

September/October 2008 -- Nontraditional Settings: Simon Basher (Kingfisher). Basher, a designer and artist by trade, is the author of The Periodic Table, Physics, and the forthcoming Biology.

November/December 2008 -- Evidence-Based Practice: Josephine Nobisso (Gingerbread House). Nobisso, the author of many children’s books, presents 100 writing workshops annually.

January/February 2009 -- Doing Honest Work: Julie Crabtree (Milkweed Editions). Crabtree, author of Discovering Pig Magic, has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Highlights for Children, MotherVerse, and Green Prints.

March/April 2009 -- Social Scholarship: Blue Balliett (Scholastic, Inc.). Balliett is the author of the art mystery books Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, and The Calder Game.

May/June 2009 -- AASL Conference: Joan Bauer (Penguin Group USA) with co-editor Sara Kelly Johns. Bauer, a winner of the Newbery Honor, is the author of numerous young adult novels including the recently-released Peeled.

Knowledge Quest is published quarterly and includes an online component at


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