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Archipelago Learning Announces Common Core State Standards Update for Study Island

Posted Jul 27, 2010
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Archipelago Learning has announced the availability of the first of their products built directly from the National Governors Association's and the Council of Chief State School Officers' Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The Study Island Kentucky state edition includes online instructional content, supplemental resources, video lessons, a digital writing portfolio, online assessment development, and animated games. Kentucky became the first state to officially commit to adopt the CCSS, and since that time, additional states, including Maryland, Michigan, Hawaii, Missouri, New Mexico, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, and Utah have also announced their intent to move to the new standards.

The new Study Island Kentucky edition includes an extensive online integrated professional development module, with teacher videos, lesson plans, activities, and supporting materials to enable a smooth and effective transition to the new standards. Kentucky customers will be able to concurrently access both the prior Kentucky standards as well as the new updated Common Core State Standards from within the Study Island product, to provide districts and schools with complete flexibility.

Updates to other Study Island state editions will be made available based on each state's specific time frame for implementing the CCSS.

Study Island's online instruction, practice, assessment, and productivity tools are built directly from state standards and the new common core standards, and are constantly updated. The web-based program combines content in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies with interactive games and rewards that engage students, reinforce accomplishments and create a culture of academic success, according to the announcement. In addition, Study Island's elearning professional development workshops are available to help educators effectively transition to the new common core standards and optimally use Study Island's curriculum, assessment and reporting features and functionality. The goal is to speed student acquisition of fundamental academic skills and conceptual understandings, and to do so via a methodology that ensures learning mastery is sustainable and achieved in a fun and engaging manner that motivates continued student learning throughout their academic careers.

Study Island is available for purchase by schools, districts, and learning centers, as well as parents and students. More information along with pricing for individuals and quantity discounts for educational institutions is available at the Study Island website at

Source: Archipelago Learning,

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